About Us

Little Flock Music was originally started by Peter Mayer after he decided to start an independent label with the release of adult contemporary album Romeo's Garage in 1999. Little Flock Music takes its name from the hymn "Fear Not O Little Flock," a favorite of Peter's father, a Christian missionary.

Since then the Little Flock Music label boasts over half a dozen artists, all gifted and unique singer/songwriters, showcased on over 25 albums. Each Little Flock artist is a master of their craft. We encourage you to explore all of our artists... we're sure you'll find music that touches your heart and lifts your spirit.

For more information about the artists of Little Flock music, you can visit their individual web sites listed on their bio pages, or write to terry.lederer@petermayer.com.

For booking information on Little Flock Music artists, please contact Beth Estes at jon.spindler@petermayer.com.