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"A Junkman's Christmas Eve" Storybook

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Illustrated by Phyllis London

This book came about because of my love for Christmas, its music, its celebration of some “best of us” that exists beyond the personal measuring tools we’ve concocted to call our work-a-day world the “good” or “successful” life. I believe there’s not one of us that don’t get stopped in their tracks when a song that accompanied a formative story of our lives - love, adventure or sadness - plays out of the blue. Ever since I first walked into the living room where my dad would play his classical and popular LPs in India where I grew up, the melodies, harmonies, voices and lyrics of music made sense of the sentences that rattled out of a noisy world each day.

This delightful children's book is really three stories in one. The first story is a true story from musician Peter Mayer's childhood in India and a disappointment one Christmas morning that turns to joy due his father's ingenuity. The second is the story of Mayer's song "A Junkman's Christmas," the lyrics of which are the book's text. The third story is the central story, and it is told in Phyllis London's imaginative and touching drawings. The main character is Ernie the Junkman, and the artist give us glimpses into Ernie's workshop and world of junk that will delight any child, and grownups too. We watch as Ernie makes gifts out of junk, and the illustrations make you want to open every brimming drawer and find presents of your own. All the while, children can see another story unfold in the visual clues – the story of Ernie's son and granddaughter, who are waiting and hoping .... A perfect story for everyone's Christmas Eve!

       -Sabrina Crewe

A Junkman's Christmas Eve is a wonder to behold! A reflection of lyrics from Peter Mayer's song, A Junkman's Christmas, this inspiring story is about Ernie the Junkman and his giving spirit on Christmas Eve as he turns worn out items from his workshop into Christmas treasures. We take part in Ernie's journey as he prepares for Christmas for neighborhood friends and the hope of family. The brilliant illustrations encapsulate the essence and joy of this lovely tale with beautiful detail. A delight for adults and children alike, A Junkman's Christmas Eve is sure to become a family Christmas tradition in any home.

       -Kristin McFadden, 30 Year Educator

This is a beautiful, beautiful book that will be a staple on my mantel at Christmas time and displayed in my living room credenza throughout the year as a reminder of the end of year prize that Stars and Promises has been for so many years...From the first Sing Joy cassettes, PM Christmas Eve solo performances by candlelight at Gethsemane, Mark Holland blowing bubbles in a bucket for Junkman, holding Mom's hand at Sheldon to the most beautiful Silent Night ever composed..this book is all of it and holds the message of all those experiences.....Thank You Peter!!

       -John Huffstutler

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