Frequently-Asked Questions

How does the ordering system work?

We can take credit card orders though our online partner PayPal, over the phone, fax or mail. When you check out, you will be given several options how to pay for your order.

My web browser doesn't show your web site as secure. Is it safe to submit my credit card information?

Little Flock Music uses PayPal, a secure online retailer, to handle credit card payments.

How can I get it touch with a Little Flock artist?

Your best bet is to visit their individual web site. The web site is listed on the artist's bio page. Or you can contact Little Flock Music by email at

Do you have sheet music?

Not at this time.

Didn't the band PM have three releases?

Yes. However, their first self-titled release is out of print. There are currently no plans to reprint it.

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